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Hello. Maybe you will tell you with my problem with the Wiki. I am trying to create a translation of the article "Supported Devices". The article is very large. When I try to upload a translation, it fails. In response - a blank page. Then I came up with dividing the article into 4 parts. I upload one part, edit the last section and upload the next into it. This worked in 3 cases out of 4. But the third time the article stopped loading at all. Again a blank page in response. Link to the article:Поддерживаемые_устройства Links to pages with the same problem: Can you tell me what's the matter? Why does the original article work, but mine does not? Experimentally found a size over which problems arise: 150 Kb. Could you find somewhere in the settings the size of 150 Kb and replace it with 300 Kb? Thanks.