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Is the Linksys model WRT54GSX2 supported for the DD-WRT software, as it wasn't clear.

It says not to use Firefox to upload to the linksys box due to a Firefox incompatibility with the Linksys software. What browsers are OK to use? I have Firefox and Kmeleon and an allergy to that other common one. It's not on my machine. It would be good to add which browsers do work OK to the installation WIKI. Sorry if I ask this in the wrong place. Can't seem to find a questions or suggestions portal.

[edit] alternate config


I recently configured the dd-wrt v24 on a wrt54g and am emailing you this via the connection. I followed the wiki instructions but had to use some intuitive knowledge. The dhcp client on the rb is off but the dhcp server on the sfg900 is on and had to be configure with static leases for client machines connecting through the rb using the gw of the main router(sbg900)-cableone because it my wireless laptop would not acquire an ip unless I did this using the mac address and ip. Once I statically assigned a lease the connection was eastablished and worked. Also the gw on the main router is on both the main rtr and in the tcpip props on my wireless laptop but was assigned statically on the laptop as well. This worked very well. I then wondered if the rb was actually doing its job and re-assigned the gw on client laptops to which is the ip of the router and this seems to work alot faster and more stably. It is odd that I don't have to build a static route but since its the same subnet not really but kinda. Any thoughts would be welcomed. This dd-wrt firmware rox! I love it!


Hello Striker,

I just installed dd-WRT on my WRT54gs v4 Linksys wireless router. I followed the instructions for client Bridged and i can get a very stable connection with a manual ip. However, i cannot get the client bridge to distribute dhcp ips. Any thoughts?

I hate to bother you folks and I am sure it is a simple misconfig,but, i am a noob and i need help.

Thank You