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[edit] Setup

  • Between garden shed home and my oldest sons flat
    • WDS
  • 2 Asus Premium
    • OpenWrt - rc5
    • USB HD
  • 1 Lynksys v5 - for sale, preferably swap for Asus Premium :)
    • dd-wrt v23 SP2
    • JTAG cable

[edit] Basic alterations

[edit] Asus 32MByte

mem ok with 32Mbyte (without the following, less memory)

nvram set sdram_init=0x0009 
nvram set sdram_ncdl=0 
nvram commit 

[edit] JFFS

Needed for ipkg and others (rw filesystem)

nvram set jffs_mounted=1
nvram set enable_jffs2=1
nvram set sys_enable_jffs2=1
nvram set clean_jffs2=1
nvram set sys_clean_jffs2=1
nvram commit


[edit] dd-wrt specific

[edit] /jffs/etc/config/*.startup

v23 starts executable files in /jffs/etc/config/*.startup

[edit] /jffs/etc/config/S10modules.startup

ipkg sometimes make modules.d files: like for USB. So make the following to insmod these modules

for module in $(cat /jffs/etc/modules.d/*);do
  /sbin/insmod /jffs/lib/modules/2.4.30/$module.o

[edit] /jffs/etc/config/S90init.startup

ipkg sometimes make init.d files

$(/jffs/etc/init.d/S* start)

[edit] USB

[edit] USB Core

Install the folowing modules for USB

 ipkg install kmod-usb-uhci // this is for USB 1.1
 ipkg install kmod-usb-core
 ipkg install kmod-usb2

[edit] USB HD

Install the folowing modules for filesystems:

 ipkg install kmod-usb-storage
 ipkg install kmod-vfat
 ipkg install kmod-ext2
 ipkg install kmod-ext3

[edit] Mounting

Unfortunatly, dd-wrt doesn't seem to look for a /jffs/etc/fstab ( fstab referenceh )

[edit] /jffs/etc/config/S30mount.startup

  while [ $i -le 15 ];do
    if [ -e $MOUNT_DEVICE ];then
    sleep 1
    i=$(expr $i   1)

[edit] USB Diverse

In order to use a multislot card reader, you must add the following parameter to the scsi_mod in the file /jffs/etc/modules.d/60-usb-storage:

scsi_mod max_scsi_luns=8

(I don't know what this means but I put it in: I haven't tested it

[edit] USB Printer

Suk! - no /dev/usb/lp0 in the standard dd-wrt.

One need's to mknode and it is not included..

Otherwise, if the /dev/usb/lp0 could be made (recompile or ..) the How-to for OpenWrt and printer would work

[edit] Download Master Functionality

Not yet started.

[edit] Serial/UART

Waiting for the max3232 ... Circuit made and Diagram comming here One should maybe install a serial board: helps with new firmware and maybe helps with not having to short pins (to be proven: don't know if it is true...) Anyway, it's a nice feeling with a console cable.

[edit] MAXIM MAX3232

[edit] Hennings-Electronic: Sejs, Denmark

My friendly local electronics supplier

[edit] Asus

Solder points for ttl output: The object here is to remove the solder in the holes and solder in a connector. Go carefully.

[edit] Check Software

Ok, the connector is soldered on, so now we need to check software.

  • start for example minicom and connect to ...UART2
  • check that there is no echo of characters
  • connect UART2 tx to rx
  • check that there IS echo of characters
  • connect UART2 tx to UART1 rx and UART2 rx to UART1 tx
  • try and connect to prompt...

[edit] The board

[edit] Developement


[edit] Firmware Modification Kit


[edit] dd-wrt from source

My only chance for lp0???

Download Ubuntu and run in vmware


collect sw

loose hair newmedia missing: touch and chmod x

Many "cannot execute binary file" compile again (only using development how to as help, not running scripts)

Just found:

  • not v.23 sp2
  • wasn't able to apt-add uml-utilities

Now for v23 sp2 ...

Never got it to compile: now using Open Wrt which compiled first time

[edit] OpenWRT

I now use OpenWrt on ASUS due to printer support and the source code can compile first time...

[edit] Future ..

[edit] Bluetooth

"Cool": someone has hooked bluetooth to Asus...

  • Nice with PBX sw and a bluetooth headset (how to ring out ...hmm)
  • Internet access for Mobil...
  • GPS


[edit] Optware


[edit] A funny thing happened after I dd-wrt'ed my boxes

You have probably NOT bricked your router if you continually loose wireless to it while going thru the panels.

Every time I left a dd-wrt www interface panel, with ping router and using wireless, I "lost" contact with the router. Repair wireless solved the problem until I moved between panels again.

This has happened on both the routers.

Be patient.

Enable 32MByte memory.

The problem will go away.

(Needs more analysing)

[edit] Brick

After first dd-wrt attempt: none since Had to short pins in the end