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From the aticle --- Note: I have found that when using these versions, the wrt reboots occasionally (presumably after a crash). I am not sure if this is due to a problem with the seavsoft firmware, or a problem with the drone -- this needs to be tested.

sveasoft firmware?! haven't you used dd-wrt?

--nope, I havent yet got round to trying it with the dd-wrt.

Yes, I do realise that this is supposed to be a dd-wrt wiki. The only reason that I put this article on here is that I used some of the info I found here on how to set up kismet with windows to figure out how to do it with linux. It was also a wiki, so I thaught I would document how I did it. I will test it oul later on the other wrt that I have got which is running the dd-wrt firmware. ;)

-- TODO: write a short script that can be stored somewhere on the web (on this sites wiki???) that does all of the loading of the files to the wrt and configuring them automatically.

I have tried to upload the script using the wiki's 'upload' page, but it wont let me upload a script (or any other kind of non-immage file). Anyone got any ideas where I could upload it so that someone could directly download the file onto the wrt (usng wget) instead of novice users having to learn the (very unfreindly to new users) vi editor. If I can find somewhere to put it, I would develop the script to make it more user friendly...

Script (early version)...

Ugh, the wiki formatting messes this up

#!  /bin/sh
# COPYRIGHT : Distributed unde the GPL (version > 2)
# Short script to automatically load all of the bits to make kismet
# work on a wrt54g and to do some configuring.
#Maybee also have an option to run the channel hopper script too??

# Copied straght from the wiki!!!
cd /tmp
tar -zxf kismet-2005-06-R1a-wrt54.tar.gz
mv kismet-2005-06-R1a-wrt54/kismet_drone /tmp/kismet_drone
mv kismet-2005-06-R1a-wrt54/conf/kismet_drone.conf  /tmp/etc/kismet_drone.conf
rm kismet-2005-06-R1a-wrt54.tar.gz
rm -rf kismet-2005-06-R1a-wrt54
chmod  x /tmp/kismet_drone

# Edit /tmp/etc/kismet_drone.conf and change allowedhosts= line .
# Can we prompt the user for this??? - ugh scripting in ash.

# and change to source=wrt54g,prism0,Kismet-Drone

# Then set up for passive mode etc...
wl ap 0            #switch off access point mode
wl passive 1
#wl channel 

# Then we are ready to run the drone
# /tmp/kismet_drone

# But, maybee we shoud also be running the hopper....?

exit 0

# The hopper....
while [ $X -eq 1 ] ; do
        sleep 1
        wl scan > /dev/null 2>