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I have two IP address (via DHCP) from my ISP and would like to utilize 2 WAN ports on my WRT54GL router. I am running the DD-WRT firmware 23 SP1 version.

I want to connect router WAN port to WAN1 and wired camera to another WAN2 port.

I have found following information but want to achieve the same via GUI. Can someone please assist me?

If your ISP gives you multiple public IPs, and you want to hang a second router or other device on your main router with direct access to the WAN, fear not, it's easy: Your original VLAN should look like this (among other lines) if you run the command nvram show |grep vlan

vlan0ports=1 2 3 4 5* vlan1ports=0 5

So the following commands move LAN port 1 to the WAN VLAN:

nvram set vlan0ports="2 3 4 5*" nvram set vlan1ports="0 1 5" nvram commit


That's it. No firewall rules or bridging needs to be set up. Port 1 is now a direct WAN port, and your second router/AP/server can use one of your extra public IPs.

[edit] When using the web interface

Use single quotes rather than double, as double quotes appear to be stripped out before the command is sent to the router.