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In order to get this to work it's essential to disable "loopback" otherwise it doesn't work (loopback was enabled as default in my firmware version (v.23 std)! Another issue in v.23 is that outgoing pptp-trafic cannot pass-through the router with pptp-server enabled. There is a fairly complicated fix for this issue in the dd-wrt forum.


[edit] PPTP security

Since PPTP is broken and deprecated should it not be noted on the PPTP related pages that users should stay away from this? article about PPTP security

[edit] Incorrect gateway settings

It appears that v23 SP1 Final is giving out an incorrect gateway to my client. When my client connects via PPTP, the connection is successful but I cannot browse the web unless I use the IP address. It is not resolving the correct DNS even though I have tried both the router IP as the DNS and the DNS servers of the ISP.

[edit] Incorrect Gateway Settings


When doing an "ipconfig /all" at a command prompt in Windows XP, you will probably see the following (assuming you are given the IP address by the Router)

IP Address ........:
Subnet Mask .......:
Default Gateway....:
DNS Servers .......: ISP DNS SERVER 1
...................: ISP DNS SERVER 2

Make sure you put the correct DNS server IP addresses using the proper nvram commands:

Example (Comcast East Coast DNS Servers,

nvram set pptpd_dns1=
nvram set pptpd_dns2=
nvram commit

This will work well but make sure you substitute for your local ISP's DNS!

[edit] Routing issue

When I use XP (192.168.2.x -local ip