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[edit] Single Fonera Wireless Bridge

Is there anyway to do a wireless bridge with just one fonera? I have a wireless bridge now, that will work with any 802.11G connection, and it works great, but I don't have the money to buy another one (they're like $50-60). I have a fonera that I want to drop DDWRT on, but dont want to try to get another for doing a wireless bridge. -- Hellmark 00:11, 10 Feb 2007 (CET)

[edit] Working Firmware Versions

Any info on which firmware versions this works on, especially the Fonera > Non-Fonera guide? ( ) I've tried with 09/10/06 on a WRT54GL and Fonera with 02/18, followed the guide to the letter, and I'm certain it wasn't working (most I saw was each router visible in the other router's WLAN client list, but no pings...). Others on the forums seem to be getting varying success, most likely due to either poor instructions or incompatible/buggy firmware versions. --Pepsimax2k 16:03, 8 Mar 2007 (CET)