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english please?

[edit] any full success?

Forum posts suggest no fully working units. Can anyone confirm? I don't have resources to make a JTAG cable.... has info on building your own JTAG cable... I have not tried it.

Perhaps we can move this directly into the titled section in the main english Wiki? --Jgoldberg 03:32, 1 May 2006 (CEST)

With the limited amount of memory on a V5, once flashed with micro, is it possible to get chilli and it's pre-requisites back on it? - May 11, 2006

i have installed the generic version for WRT54G v5 and worked sucess until but its asking user name and password whats the user name and pass for that firmware can any one help me

as already written in the release notes, changelog, forum and on the 401 error site of the firmware. the login is "root". the default password remains as "admin"

does this work with version 6 (CDFD)? -noah

is somebody working on a version installable via the web gui ? when will it be ready ? thx!

Hi all : first, thank you very much for the exploit ;-) And, I think the real question is : will it be posible to flash with this firmware via the web gui ?

Hello Successfully installed micro on v5, followed bitsum guide. BUT when trying to upgrade micro->mini or micro->generic it doesnt work. Symptoms: firmware upload takes only 5 seconds or so, message is "Upgrade successful", router reboots after that, version is still "micro". Tried using various browsers with not much luck. Any ideas?

sure. the v5 can just take the micro firmware. it has just 2 mb flash. the mini firmware as well as the std firmware is much bigger. the micro firmware was designed to run on such small devices and its the only distribution you can use

[edit] Page Merging

With the flashing page, not whole seperate for v5?--Tempnegro 09:00, 30 Sep 2006 (CEST)