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How do you enable the afterburner of your PC's wireless card in Linux? Needs at least a link Towsonu2003 22:53, 7 Sep 2006 (CEST)

[edit] Hardware independent?

I just literally spent a whole day trying to get this new Lenovo T60 with the Intel 3945ABG wireless adapter to connect to the internet using WPA or WPA2. Everytime I tried to connect using those protocols, windows would tell me that the passphrase was incorrect when in actuallity it was correct. The WEP and Open protocols worked fine though, but I don't want to use those protocols.

After numerous reboots and about to abandon trying to get the T60 to connect using WPA, I finally went though the advanced wireless page to see if there was anything that might work. I do remember turning on afterburner, but I figured it wouldn't have any effect on other wifi clients that don't support this protocol. After turning it off, the T60 immediately connected using WPA.

I don't know why Afterburner affects WPA the way it does, but this is the only setting I changed aside from the security types.

[edit] Testing the link

Is there a way to test your connection speed to another computer on the network and see if it is improved? Omegatron 22:41, 13 December 2007 (CET)