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  1. Quality of Service (14,843 bytes)
    2: {{Languages|Quality of Service}}
    8: Quality of Service ('''QoS''') is a method to guarantee a bandw...
    10: Please note, as of 336XX, if QoS is enabled, SFE (Shortc...
    12: ...explained|Priorities explained]] and [[Quality_of_Service#Precedence|Precedence]] before going any far...
    15: ...This class offers maximum priority and should be used sparingly.
  2. Web interface (5,831 bytes)
    2: You can contol the settings of DD-WRT in two ways:
    3: # through the Web based Graphical User Interface (Web-GUI), which is explained on this ...
    4: # using a Linux style command line interface. See [[Telnet/SSH_and_the_Command_Line]] for more det...
    9: ==Access via a web browser==
    10: ...default IP addresses: (most commonly used on Linksys and Asus), (some Belkins)...
  3. Firmware FAQ (39,234 bytes)
    6: ...ary|Glossary]]. If you still don't know, search elsewhere on the internet or ask on the forums.
    10: ..._devices|Known incompatible devices]]. Otherwise search the forums.
    14: ... least 8mb flash, and for better speeds use ARM-based routers.
    22: One can also search on Amazon for [ DD-WRT...
    25: ...'<font color=red>!!!! DO NOT USE THE ROUTER DATABASE !!!!</font>'''
  4. Часто задаваемые вопросы (69,536 bytes)
    28: ...ЛЬЗУЙТЕ БАЗУ ДАННЫХ ROUTER DATABASE</font>''': если это не указано в...
    40: *
    104: .... [[Сброс 30/30/30]] и [[Reset_And_Reboot|Reset And Reboot]]. Сначала сбросьте н...
    116: .... [[Сброс 30/30/30]] и [[Reset_And_Reboot|Reset And Reboot]].
    127: * Нажмите кнопку Reset и удерживайте ее (если пит...
  5. Web interface/es (5,975 bytes)
    3: ...vez de la interfaz web grafica (Web-GUI), la cual se explica en esta pagina.
    13: ==Nombre de usuario y Contraseña==
    15: ...greses tu propio usuario y contraseña cuando acceses por primera vez la interface web.
    18: de usuario predeterminado es "root" y la contraseña es "admin" (de la V23 SP1). algunas versiones ...
    39: ... de informacion predeterminada es la misma que la selección de menu "Estado Sys-Info": <font color=gr...
  6. Firmware FAQ/ja (38,451 bytes)
    26: '''<font color=red>DO NOT USE THE ROUTER DATABASE</font>''': unless directed in a device wiki.
    29: See [[What_is_DD-WRT%3F#File_Versions|DD-WRT Build F...
    31: ... routers use custom builds with a varying feature sets: do not ask for a different build
    34: DD-WRT firmware builds are beta releases with no or limited hardware testing. '''Proceed ...
    39: *
  7. Веб-интерфейс (10,251 bytes)
    43: *Setup
    44: **Basic Setup
    52: ** [[WebInterfaceWirelessBasicSettings|Basic Settings]]
    54: ** Wireless Security
    56: ** Advanced Settings

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