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  1. JTAG pinouts (4,665 bytes)
    1: {{Languages|JTAG_pinouts}}
    4: ... pinouts with photos are available there. Another place to look is [
    70: [[ Buffalo WBR-G54]]
    160: see [[ Belkin_F5D7230_v1000]]
    175:] with minor modifications and explanation of parallel port jtag to make your own<br>
  2. JTAG (27,197 bytes)
    8: ...ter|router]]s, [[wireless access point]]s are examples of embedded systems.
    22: .../128-universal-jtag-adapter-v2-wiggler-and-xilinx-platform-cable-compatible-debrick-routers-modems-and...
    42: ...bootloader using a VXKiller program. So, when people talk about the CFE of the router, they are talki...
    44: ...ings get mucked up and is often the reason why people need to jtag their router. You can erase the nv...
    46: ...NG time and flashing using a jtag cable is not completely reliable, so you can end up with problems. ...
  3. Asus RT-N16 (18,388 bytes)
    26: !Power Supply
    27: ...A max [[Asus_RT-N16#Links|(Upgrading the Power Supply)]]
    60: Please note: Details of the DD-WRT firmware build va...
    73: .../password is admin/admin. Let the router reboot. Plug the PC into a LAN port on the router and discon...
    75: ... router pull power, hold the reset button in then plug in power and look for the slow blink of the pow...

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