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  1. Firewall (8,046 bytes)
    3: The simplest ip firewall has two physical interfaces normal...
    6: The simplest ip firewall - a packet filter firewall - can p...
    23: ...t deduce which client to send it to. Here are examples of protocols that has that problem:
    31: ...alled an [[wikipedia:Application_layer_firewall|application firewall]].
    33: Some examples of protocols that can port jump and/or create a...
  2. Switched Ports (21,682 bytes)
    2: This page explains how to finish proper configuration of VLAN's ...
    14: ...sical or virtual wireless interfaces using [[Multiple WLANs]].
    43: ==Explaining the connection between Hardware, VLANs, and...
    48: ...ration_of_port_and_vLAN_mappings]] but lots of people get confused... so we'll make another attempt he...
    56: ...eed. Here's a general rule of thumb that mostly applies but don't be surprised if your situation is di...

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