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  1. Firewall (8,046 bytes)
    1: ...affic and/or log it. Most firewall are made for moderating ip traffic and are called '''ip firewalls''...
    3: ...(ACL) - e.g. named inside2outside and outside2inside.
    8: * destination ip address
    11: ** destination tcp/udp port
    14: ...nnection. A statefull firewall can additionally moderate trackable traffic by:
  2. Switched Ports (21,682 bytes)
    12: * While some changes made on the VLANs page do require additional manual co...
    14: ... The WLAN interface is bridged to the LAN VLAN by default. It is possible to bridge VLAN's to differen...
    17: ...[Default_internal_device_network|Default internal device network (vlan0, vlan1, eth0, eth1, eth2 etc)]...
    20: ...nfiguration before you start so that you know the default configuration if you need to revert your cha...
    45: ... saved the existing NVRAM information already, as described above. Right? You DO need that info!

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