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  1. Hardware (3,608 bytes)
    9: You can run the following commands using [[Telnet/SSH and th...
    33: *To erase the nvram block when running DD-WRT:
  2. LaFonera Hardware serial to ethernet (1,034 bytes)
  3. LaFonera Hardware i2c (6,202 bytes)
  4. LaFonera Hardware Coloured Chassis (2,817 bytes)
    37: ...grit sandpaper) and spread some on a clean cloth. Rub the cloth against the surface you are painting u...
  5. LaFonera Hardware SD-Card (6,579 bytes)
    26: will be fixed within the next days. the driver runs stable, as long as you do not insert or remove ...
    46: ... can be done easily, so I decided to test.. but I run into one issue so I decided to describe the proc...
    70: can see the SD Card pinouts at
    113: ...-Card/Reader_Position]] for more pictures and instructions.
    126: *Maybe this helps:
  6. LaFonera Hardware Power-Sources (2,124 bytes)
  7. Linksys WAP54G Hardware Spec (3,039 bytes)
    61: ...I used optimized version of the driver SD / MMC forum openwrt V1.3.4 (click to download). Since this m...
    66: Whiterussian 0.9 - on wap works slow (especially webif) ....
    70: ...ver, insert the card into the reader and give instructions:
  8. LaFonera Info Hardware-Specifications (3,830 bytes)
    3: ...Fonera_(en)|LaFonera]] / [[LaFonera_Info|Info]] / Hardware-Specifications'''
    97: ...-en-details--Tout-sur-la-Fonera-Plus&lp=fr_en&btnTrUrl=Translate english machine translation])
  9. LaFonera Hardware Second-Antenna (7,482 bytes)
    19: ...he 2 antennas at 90degrees of one another without rubbing at the base.
  10. LaFonera Hardware JTAG (268 bytes)
  11. LaFonera Hardware USB (9,766 bytes)
    35: ===Instructions===
  12. LaFonera Hardware Power-over-Ethernet (3,201 bytes)
    15: Unit runs on 5V 1A PSU. Behaves erratically at <4.5V (Doe...
    18: ...n 5m through CAT5. 12V 1A should be sufficient to run the unit at up to 160m of CAT5.
    21: ... stable for 6 months over 30m of CAT5. ''(It does run very hot and I'm surprised the box hasn't melted...
    25: We have tried running two units in series, off 12V, with no PT's, ...
    27: ...n as an AP and the other as a bridge. Or both can run as bridges. Ideal low-cost repeater solution.
  13. LaFonera Hardware Serial-Cable-Port (6,917 bytes)
    99: ...d with Adafruit's FTDI 3.3v cable [
    191: ...bsite] [
  14. LaFonera Hardware Disassembling (1,764 bytes)
    26: the mounting screws that are located under the rubber paddings:
    59: * [[LaFonera_Info_Hardware-Specifications|Hardware Specification]]
  15. Hardware DIY (1,115 bytes)
  16. LaFonera Hardware Cooling-System (11,159 bytes)
    12: So these things run pretty hot...
    13: And if any of the pictures I've seen are true I'm not looking forward to my case melting and d...
    38: ... taking out the screws hidden under the two front rubber feet.
    119: ===Instructions for removing the heatsink & RF shielding===
    137: No special instructions needed, just try to unfasten a clip while p...
  17. LaFonera Hardware Controlling AC-Loads (4,663 bytes)
  18. LaFonera Hardware Roboter Controlling (2,339 bytes)
  19. LaFonera Hardware Logo-Removal (2,569 bytes)
    19: # Rub soaked portion of kitchen paper/cloth over FON l...
    31: # Using a soft cloth rub the toothpaste into the logo area for 2-3 minute...
  20. LaFonera Hardware Replace LEDs (6,702 bytes)

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  1. DD-WRT Doku (DE) (83,042 bytes)
    31: Authentifizierung].
    202: ...8&sid=b5941da282490e6bd460cbcd2928727c Link zum Forum])
    269: ...nt f&uuml;r Netzwerke mit hohen Sicherheitsanforderungen.
    418: ...ttp:// Anleitung Client...
    445: ==Grundlagen==
  2. Hinzufügen eines SD-Kartenlesers an den Linksys WRT54G (20,102 bytes)
    16: ...Lötkolben und etwas Lötzinn (und etwas Löterfahrung)
    130: Dazu entfernt man als erstes die Halterung für das Flachbandkabel.
    181: ...fehlgeschlagen ist. Das führt daher oft zu Verwirrung.
    183: ...ragon - Partitionmanager (V7.5, nur eine Registrierung nötig, keine Kosten). Damit habe ich es bisher...
    187: ...n, Euch mittels ipkg ext2fsprogs und FDISK-Pakete runterzuladen und das auf dem Router selber anzulege...
  3. Verizon FIOS setup with dd-wrt as primary router (5,626 bytes)
    3: ...:// "Forum post regarding FIOS"]
    39: ...:// "Forum post regarding FIOS"] for a picture of this QoS ...
  4. Hardware (3,608 bytes)
    9: You can run the following commands using [[Telnet/SSH and th...
    33: *To erase the nvram block when running DD-WRT:
  5. Hauptseite (3,948 bytes)
    35: === Grundlagen ===
    52: [[Drucker Sharing X86 Based]] (Drucker Sharing trotz X86 Hardware und V24SP1)
    63: ... [ DD-WRT Forum].
    70: Bugtracker (Registrierung erforderlich)]:
    82: == Verwandte Projekte und Herausforderungen ==
  6. Recover from a bad flash (41,825 bytes)
    38: ...d up the router. This can happen if a wrong or corrupt value exists in the NVRAM. Here simply clearing...
    73: Power the router on with a continuous ping running in a command window:
    86: ...DrayTek router tools from here and follow the instructions:
    88: # Run 'Draytek Firmware Upgrade',
    125: ...peed as the power LED. Be patient and do not interrupt it until it finishes.
  7. Glossary (58,851 bytes)
    41: ...e central management that is typical of an infrastructure type network. Ad hoc mode doesn't use WDS bu...
    60: ... bricked?''' in Peackock Thread in the Broadcom Forum.
    113: ... longer used and services (such as DHCP) that are running on the original network will work seamlessly...
    127: ...automatically reboot it's self. This provides a crude way to work around situations where the router ...
    136: ...system is a type of scheduler for Unix/Linux that runs given commands at designated times. The default...
  8. WDS Linked router network (21,578 bytes)
    24: =Qualcomm Atheros, Broadcom, or Ralink (Must be running dd-wrt)=
    36: Before starting these instructions, please read [[Atheros/ath_wireless_setting...
    157: as it is exactly the same on both routers. If running N or NG-Mixed , WPA2 + AES is the only form ...
    202: ...ecommendation for these devices! Please see the forums for official firmware recommendations. You can...
    252: ...s! Please see the Qualcomm Atheros and Broadcom forums for official firmware recommendations. You can ...
  9. Linksys EA6500 V1 (23,843 bytes)
    7: ... forum] before considering the details on this page to ...
    90: ...500 V2, check the hardware specific page or the forum for support</font><p><br></p>
    286: ... to Default settings before doing so. Upgrade instructions are mentioned below
    340: Follow the instructions to upgrade either via the DD-WRT [[#Upgrade...
    347: ... mentioned in this section to make sure these instructions still apply to the EA6500 V1</strong></font...
  10. Kismet Server/Drone (18,210 bytes)
    4: ...ayer 2 wireless network detector, sniffer, and intrusion detection kit.
    8: ...server on the WRT54G router. You are then free to run a Kismet client on your desktop computer view th...
    10: ... with Network Stumbler will definitely appreciate running Kismet Server or Kismet Drone on their WRT54...
    14: ...a machine somewhere else running just the server. Running a Kismet drone on your WRT and the Client/Se...
    16: ...ore work to install, they provide 3 benefits over running full servers on the WRT:
  11. Chillispot (36,629 bytes)
    17: * Proactive overuse prevention:
    40: ...necessary back-end services for the DD-WRT device running ChilliSpot. The major contributor to this Wi...
    43: .../09) or the latest BETA. See general flashing instructions elsewhere in the DD-WRT Wiki.
    52: ...ce, the Web Manager's service can be disabled and run only when needed.
    54: * The simplest instructions here assume your DD-WRT device currently pr...
  12. Wl command (24,951 bytes)
    337: Interrupt Test - remember to precede by 'wl down' and fol...
    347: Set Infrastructure mode: 0 (ad-hoc IBSS) or 1 (managed BSS)
    678: Get/Set 802.11h Spectrum Management mode.
    693: ...will initiate an assoication attempt if in infrastructure mode,
  13. Заводские установки (28,571 bytes)
    13: ...няет ли маршрутизатор [Маскарадинг мас...
    16: ... копий, как указано на [ фору...
    174: sh_rules=
    199: filter_rule1=
    207: filter_rule2=
  14. Ipkg (tutorial) (10,613 bytes)
    1: ... Command Line|Telnet or SSH]] into your router to run this utility. You also need [[Jffs]] enabled.
    3: = Commandline Structure =
    54: ...ommand Line|command line]] in the jffs directory, run the following commands:
    75: ...iterussian/packages/ To assure that program will run stable one must provide compatible uClibc librar...
    77: wget
  15. Index:Misc/ja (966 bytes)
  16. Separate LAN and WLAN (outdated) (15,234 bytes)
    7: ...ksys firmware roots, this statement is even more true now and will eventually read: Things said for Op...
    19: There are two methods for running separate IP ranges on each of the interfaces...
    39: Set ''wifi_proto'' to dhcp or static (run dhcp for wifi hosts?)
    55: Someone experimenting in the forums discovered that by not assigning the WLAN inter...
    98: The above rule did say vlan0, should it be vlan1?<br>vlan1 is ...
  17. IPv6 (tutorial) (36,073 bytes)
    14: ...mended build of the firmware (see your hardware forum for recommendations) using [[What_is_DD-WRT%3F |...
    43: ...wnload still depends a lot on the hardware you're running on!
    49: ...azytom and download his set of modules from the forum
    50: # If you don't trust random people on the internet (which is a good ...
    77: ... now finally be able to create a bunch of regular rules with the ''ip6tables'' command. Your average '...
  18. Miscellaneous (1,487 bytes)
  19. Firewall (8,046 bytes)
    57: ...iptables_talk/x14.htm Kernel space structure - simple packet journey through kernel]
    68: ...u/~jns/files/iptables_talk/x14.htm Kernel space structure - simple packet journey through kernel] - Pl...
    70: Iptables example ruleset]
    72: ...u/~jns/files/iptables_ruleset_updated The updated ruleset may be downloaded]
    84: ...ural-examination_1392 Netfilter and IPTables: A Structural Examination] Good.
  20. Bootvorgang (68,911 bytes)
    4: Warum das Alles?<br>
    51: Primary instruction cache 8kb, linesize 16 bytes (2 ways)
    71: Checking for 'wait' instruction... unavailable.
    229: Abbruch des zweiten Bootvorgangs mit "Strg C", um den B...
    257: u Disassemble instructions.

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