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  1. Client Mode (5,465 bytes)
    4: ...idged in a different subnet (with NAT), while a [[Client_Bridged|Client Bridge]] is the same subnet as the host.
    7: ...accepts wireless connections by other client devices.
    11:|WDS]]. Further explanation of bridging modes is at [[Linking_Routers|Linking Routers]].
    16: ....168.'''B'''.x. For example, if the host router uses, configure your client router to e.g....
    18: #Recommended: reset the router
  2. Wireless Bridge (43,131 bytes)
    1:]] / [[Linking_Routers|Linking Routers]] / Wireless Bridge'''
    6: ...ere might be info that some find useful, but ***THESE INSTRUCTIONS SHOULD NOT BE USED*** Use the more...
    12: ...device. Segments connected via [[Client Mode Wireless]] cannot share a DHCP server.[[Image:standard_br...
    14: ...igured as a Wireless Bridge between a remote wireless router (of any make/brand) and the Ethernet port...
  3. Bridging (2,653 bytes)
    7: ... is selected from a drop down menu on the '''Wireless > Basic Settings''' page.
    9: ...r information and examples of different bridge types.
    12: ...point) or wireless router. The DD-WRT router creates a subnet LAN. The subnet LAN has clients connecte...
    16: See [[Client_Bridged]]
    18: The previous page remains for reference [[Wireless_Bridge]]

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