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  1. JTAG pinouts (4,665 bytes)
    4: ... pinouts with photos are available there. Another place to look is [
    175:] with minor modifications and explanation of parallel port jtag to make your own<br>
  2. Asus RT-AC56U (3,895 bytes)
    16: *Power Supply: 19V (DC) @ max 1.75A
    18: ...47081A0), has 128 MiB RAM, and different power supply. There is no evidence that it is supported at a...
    22: Example: [
    42: #Plug the computer running the ASUS recovery tool int...
    43: ...are, select the correct firmware, and click the "Upload" button.
  3. Asus RT-N16 (18,403 bytes)
    26: !Power Supply
    27: ...A max [[Asus_RT-N16#Links|(Upgrading the Power Supply)]]
    60: Please note: Details of the DD-WRT firmware build va...
    73: .../password is admin/admin. Let the router reboot. Plug the PC into a LAN port on the router and discon...
    75: ... router pull power, hold the reset button in then plug in power and look for the slow blink of the pow...
  4. Asus RT-N12 (9,514 bytes)
    32: ... (or until the power LED blinks '''slowly''') and plug in power. Using a static IP for the computer, ...
    35:, hold the red WPS button for 20 seconds when applying power. '''Do NOT 30/30/30.'''
    61: #Unplug the power connector from the back of the router...
    63: ...ware Restoration Utility (or any TFTP client) to upload the DD-WRT mini-asus.trx file
    65: ...k for a router reboot. WAIT another minute then unplug the power.
  5. Asus RT-N10U (8,197 bytes)
    18: * Powersupply - DC Output : 12 V with max. 1 A current
    25: Please note: The RT-N10U does REQUIRE the '''K26''' ...
    31: ===Principle steps===
    42: ...anced settings -> Administration -> Restore/Save/Upload Setting -> button Restore
    43: :* Upload the ''' .trx''' file via the web menu: Advanc...
  6. Asus RT-N66U (13,456 bytes)
    10: |[ Broadcom 4706] @ 600MHz
    39: !Power supply
    48: *Press and hold the reset button while plugging in the power, and keep pressing the reset b...
    52: *Press and hold the WPS button while plugging in the power, and keep pressing the WPS but...
    56: ...e these forum links to historical nvram and 64K implemention discussions: [
  7. D-Link DIR-620 (1,829 bytes)
    51: ...ith [[Asus_RT-N13U]]'s images. N13U's images are uploaded via UART CLI by tftp client from tftp server...
  8. Asus RT-AC66U (10,559 bytes)
    29: ...stration > System > Enable Telnet and click on "Apply"
    39: ...d-wrt firmware file you downloaded and click on "Upload"
    40: it can also happen that the page stays on the upload screen or even says that it can't load the nex...
    66: Via a telnet/ssh client (for example putty under Windows) connect to the router:

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