Linksys WRT54GS v5.0 & 5.1 & 6.0

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These instructions are for the WRT54GS v5.x and v6. For the WRT54G v5.x and v6 see here.

You must create a custom VX image for your router!

  • Otherwise it will have a generic mac address and most ISPs will not allow internet access.


[edit] File Download Prep

  • For the power cycles in How To Flash, unplug power from the router for 10 seconds then plug back in.
  • Download and extract (reference: this thread).
  • Connect a router LAN port to the computer. Verify that the computer's wireless is NOT connected!
  • Unzip to the computer, then also unzip the file to the same folder
  • The vxworks_prep_v03.bin file is not needed. Delete it.
  • Download and extract vxworks_prep_GS_v03.bin from this .zip file.

[edit] How To Flash

Recommended: disconnect other network devices when flashing.

  1. Read the Peacock announcement and download the files above.
  2. Do a hard reset (30/30/30)
  3. Set a static IP on the computer (e.g., subnet
  4. Open VXImgToolGui.exe:
    1. Select the WRT54GS v5 or v5.1 (top right button, also works for GSv6). Not the WRT54G!
    2. Put the mac address from the bottom of your router in the box that says "Desired Mac Address"
    3. Click on the three dots next to "output image" and save the file as My54gsImage.bin
  5. Power cycle the router, then after boot go to which should open the Linksys GUI and NOT a page that says Management Mode. If you see management mode, power cycle the router again.
  6. Enter "root" as the username and "admin" as the password
  7. Go to Administration -> Firmware Upgrade and select vxworks_prep_GS_v03.bin and hit Upgrade.
  8. Wait for FIVE FULL MINUTES. Don't TOUCH that router for FIVE MINUTES. THEN power cycle again.
  9. After booting, refresh your browser window. Clear the browser cache if you get a blank window.
  10. You should have the MANAGEMENT MODE window, now flash the My54gImage.bin file you created.
  11. Wait for the "Upgrade Success" message then another FIVE MINUTES again. Don't TOUCH your router.
  12. Start tftp.exe
    1. Enter as the address in the top box of tftp.exe
    2. Leave the password blank
    3. Select the 12548 Newd_Micro.bin firmware
    4. Set retries to 99.
    5. Power cycle the router
    6. Count to 2 (alternatively, have a continuous ping running to watch for the first TTL=100 response)
    7. Hit upgrade
  13. When you get a success, wait FIVE FULL minutes.
  14. When you can access the dd-wrt GUI at, power cycle the router.
  15. When back to the dd-wrt GUI again, do another HARD reset on the router.
  16. Reset your computer ethernet connection to auto IP and auto DNS

[edit] Notes

More information: Version 5 And 6 Router Information
GS Units cannot easily go back to Linksys firmware.

[edit] Enable the 16MB RAM on a neutered router

This is only possible on the WRT54GS v5 and v5.1: Enable 16MB RAM on WRT54GS v5