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LaFonera is the router that the FON service utilizes in order to spread Wi-Fi to wherever they are installed.


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[edit] Known Good Firmware Versions

[edit] DD-WRT v24-sp2 (04/15/13) std - build 21286

I have a fon2100a/b/c and if the builds are broken they are fixed now, I successfully flashed r29218 and have no problems. - Harre 14:51, 16 March 2016 (CET)

Note as of 2014-01-28: the newest firmware version that successfully boots and runs on a Fonera 2100 A/B/C is r21286; newer versions (r21676 and beyond) are broken and do not boot, necessitating recovery via Redboot.

(Note on 2012-01-11) I have been running version 12533 for months at a time with no major issues,

2007-11-23 RC5 - Latest Fonera release (20080408). Stable. I'm having an uptime of 59 days right now.

10/10 - More stable and features JFFS and Super channel.

04/16 - Features faster web interface / reboot times.

03/23 - Features working Client Bridge mode.

03/10 - Features working Client mode.


If you wanna try out one of the beta releases, the above Fonera DD-WRT beta firmware versions seem to be most recommended in the forums / have least buggy features. As of writing the latest Fonera DD-WRT version was 04/25.

[edit] Flashing of a LaFonera

To flash your Fonera with DD-WRT for the first time, follow the Initial Flashing guide.

To upgrade the DD-WRT firmware on your Fonera, follow the Upgrade Flashing guide.

[edit] Building DD-WRT for the LaFonera from Source

[edit] Downloading the sources via SVN

svn co svn:// DD-WRT will download the complete source-files in a directory called DD-WRT.

Please note that this is a very large download (really very hughe, currently (may 2007) downloads 8.4GB of source code), so be prepared that it might take a while. Compared to OpenWrt Kamikaze with only 60MB. Kamikaze with all packages and source tarballs downloads about 500MB.

[edit] Compiling

the makefile you need for this task is src/router/Makefile.ar531x which simply can be called by make -f Makefile.ar531x all the sources should be within the svn, but i was not able yet to check if everything is compileable. if a third party is able to test this i will give him advices if he has troubles. (the last time this worked good together with "Tornado")

Update: When trying to compile using that makefile, the following is returned,

total@C-Dog:~/DD-WRT$ make -f Makefile.ar531x

make: Makefile.ar531x: No such file or directory

make: *** No rule to make target `Makefile.ar531x'. Stop.

comment: change to src/router as written in the instructions.

[edit] Todo List for the LaFonera DD-WRT Firmware


  • Fix error with ipkg!
    • +1 for this one! :-)
  • Universal Repeater mode
  • SD/MMC kernel module for LaFonera SD-Card hack - (SD/MMC Driver)
  • Adding VPNC
  • Fix Wiviz- and Site Survey
  • Webinterface "Applications" ->QoS has 4 Ethernetports to adjust Ethernet Port Priority [The LaFonera has only one Ethernet Port...)
  • QoS (or Bandwith limiting for Hotspots)


[edit] Wishlist

  • guides to
  1. set up and acess the jffs partition
  2. install ipkgs on the jffs and how to run them
  3. set up cifs or samba to store captures packets with aircrack and to install ipkgs to mounted cifs share
  • Can someone make a tutorial here how to make Xlink Kai work with a La Fonera?
  • Working VLANs, currently discards all incoming tags. --Neffs
  • Can someone make some script/tutorial so people can still use FON_AP as option?
  • A working guide to get miau working now that jffs2 is availible? There seems to be an error with "logs" directory.
  • Can someone set an external drive (HDD) to a Fonera? Is it possible? can it be done by using the sd card interface?

[edit] External links

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