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This page was modified from D-Link DIR-600v/300v for the DIR-615 C1 and C2.


[edit] Hardware

You can tell which Rev of the hardware this router is from the box (it will say "H/W Ver: C1 F/W Ver 3.01" for example on the bottom of the box, underneath the barcode). A similar sticker with the hardware version and firmware version is also stuck on the bottom of the router itself. This means it's quick and easy to check the hardware revision before buying or borrowing it.

The factory default IP for this router is, user is "admin", password is blank.

[edit] Pros of this hardware

  • 4 MB board, so no need to use "micro" DD-WRT builds.
  • Fairly inexpensive.
  • Fairly new hardware (released in 2009?), so it's widely available for purchase new.
  • Reasonably fast CPU clock speed.
  • Easy to install DD-WRT on this hardware (just flash through the web interface as per below, and you're done).

[edit] Cons of this hardware

  • No USB port, so cannot be a NAS for a USB drive, nor can it be used for Printer Sharing of a USB printer.

dir 615c2 имеет USB! просто не распаяно питание на нём(поэтому проблемы будут с синхронным запуском флешек, дисков и тп), зато идут 2 дорожки (D+/D-) от чипа atheros. Есть ли поддержка usb в сборке dd-wrt для dir615c2? как её добавить если нет?

так же имеются: чип памяти ddr Winbond W9425G6EH-5 which is a 256 Mbit chip so 32 megs RAM seems certain. Atheros AR9130 CPU Atheros AR9102 WiFi chip 5-pin header possibly serial console 14-pin block probably JTAG

___________________ как увеличить память? можно ли перепаять гигабитный чип, и какие манипуляции с командной строкой?

по-моему, dir 615 это такой же хит в будущем, как dir320! тем более, что dir 320 (в Казани) я не смог найти недорого, те что были-- стоили дороже, чем dir615

Ну так что? кто нибудь приколхозил ЮСБ на е4???

[edit] Installation Instructions

[edit] Step-by-step instructions from out-of-the-box factory firmware

[For H/W D2 F/W 1.00VG skip steps 2-3 below, I found downloading "dlink-dir615d-factory-webflash.bin" 2010-08-09 directly worked fine AFTER restoring the device to the manufacture defaults (using the web interface maintenance -> reset to factory settings)]

To install dd-wrt on a D-Link DIR-615 Revision C1/C2/E3/E4, you can flash it directly from the router's web admin page (yes, that is correct... from D-Link's standard web interface). These are the steps to follow:

  1. Download the latest firmware from: Where do I download firmware? , and look for the dlink-dir615c1 folder. There will be two files, "dir615[revision]-factory-to-ddwrt-firmware.bin" and "dir615[revision]-firmware.bin". You only need the dir615[revision]-factory-to-ddwrt-firmware.bin file.
  2. You'll have to find the hardware ID of your specific firmware. Your hardware ID is located at the end of your original D-Link's firmware file, available on D-Link websites. Get your original D-Link's firmware file using the following links: C1/C2 default firmware update site E3/E4 default firmware update site C2 RU firmware update site E4 RU firmware update site. Following are some popular hardware IDs: C1/C2 default: AP81-AR9130-RT-070614-02, E3 default: AP99-AR7240-RT-091105-01, E4 RU: AP99-AR7240-RT-091105-05. Note that in most cases, this hardware ID should have 2 leading zeros (e.g. 00AP81-AR9130-RT-070614-02). If the firmware version written on your router's box ends with RU (presumably for the Russian market, but also sold in other countries such as Israel), then the hardware ID might need to have a leading 01 instead of 00.
  3. Use a hex editor to change the hardware ID at the end of DD-WRT's firmware file to your specific hardware ID. When copying the hardware ID from the DIR-615 firmware file, be sure to include the leading zeros when editing the dd-wrt firmare file. A freeware hex editor such as Neo will do the trick though.
    1. Someone uploaded an edited version of a firmware on the forums. You can use this instead of editing it yourself.
  4. Connect to the DIR-615 using an Ethernet cable.
  5. Open in your web browser (Firefox recommended), which should open the DIR615's administrative page from the standard D-link firmware.
    1. The D-link's default login details are user "admin", password is blank.
    2. Tools -> Firmware
    3. Click "browse" button -> select the "dir615[edition]-factory-to-ddwrt-firmware.bin" file -> click "Upload" button.
    4. Wait 2 or 3 minutes for the DIR-615 to flash and do the update. You will see a status page that shows you the progress as it happens. After the flash & update is done, the router will reboot to dd-wrt, and the IP address will have changed to There is no need to reset.
    5. If it tells you that you've uploaded firmware for the wrong hardware, you may need to try another browser. This happened for me using Google Chrome on Linux, until I tried using Firefox(Same on Windows, IE6 helps). If your dlink 615 C1 is at f/w 3.12 or 3.11 you may have to revert it to 3.10 and then install the dd-wrt.
  6. Open in web browser. Will probably have to update your IP address (if using static IP) to this subnet to be able to connect. This should open DD-WRT's web interface. Configure DD-WRT as desired.
  7. You're finished! No need to 30/30/30 hard reset, but you can reboot your router after several minutes. (I don't know if it has to build anything in NVRAM, but better safe than sorry.)

[edit] Alternate Install Method using Firmware Update Mode

  1. Setup your PC with static IP on subnet, such as
  2. Hold down the Reset button until the power light starts flashing yellow (under 30 sec).
  3. Follow the instructions as shown above.
  4. If it's working, you will see a page with the percentage completed constantly updating. If your upload completes and nothing happens or it tells you the firmware is for the wrong hardware, try using another browser. This happened for me using Google Chrome on Linux, until I tried using Firefox.

[edit] How to upgrade with new DD-WRT firmware

  1. Open the DD-WRT's web interface in your web browser. It's by default.
  2. Administration tab -> "Firmware Upgrade" button
  3. click "browse" button -> select the "dir615[revision]-firmware.bin" file -> click "Upgrade" button.
  4. It takes about 1 and a half minutes to upload and write the flash. Your browser will reload and let you know when it is done.
  • It is probably a good idea to reboot after updating. That's it.

If upgrading fails, try upgrading via command line.

[edit] How to reset the Router to initial DD-WRT configuration

If you forget the username or password, or if the configuration becomes really messed up, you can always clear all the non-volitile parameters by doing a 'factory reset'. To do this, with the router already fully booted, press and hold the reset button for 5~6 seconds and release. The router will boot back up and answer to just as if it had just been flashed with DD-WRT.

[edit] How to restore to factory firmware

You must use firefox for this to work. Internet explorer will NOT work!

1) Set your computer's ip manually to: 192.168.0.X (not 1) AND set your subnet mask to (Auto IP will NOT work).

2) Unplug the power cable to the router

3) Press the reset button and plug in the power cable when the power led flashes orange (about 15 seconds) release the reset. go to You will see the emergency mode upgrade screen.

4) Upload your original firmware and wait.at least five minutes. The orange button should stop flashing and the router will reboot.

I have confirmed that this method works.

[edit] Alternate Install Method without using Hex Editor

There is a simpler method than using the hex editor if one can find the correct file. Using only the file '2-dd-wrt.bin' you can flash the DIR-615 C1 to DD-WRT. This method has been successfully tested on 6 different DIR-615 C1 D-Link routers.

You may be able to use the 'dir615c1-firmware.bin' but currently this method has not been tested with this file and router.

1) Do a 30-30-30 reset of the DIR-615 router (Holding the reset button the entire time, 30 seconds plugged in, 30 seconds unpluged, and 30 seconds plugged back in).

2)This should have reset the router to the factory default webgui which looks much different from the original webgui.

3) Install the '2-dd-wrt.bin' firmware. *NOTE* When installing DO NOT DO ANYTHING! It will look like nothing is happening for awhile. My recommendation, walk away from the computer for 5 minutes.

4) After it is finished installing your browser will change and then you can proceed to set up your router settings. (Because we are paranoid where I work, we also unplug the router for an additional 30 seconds before setting up the router).

[edit] Recovery Method (Newer versions of Windows 7+)

Due to changes in browsers since this router was released it is no longer possible to use the built-in recovery webpage, normally. You can use it via this command:

curl -v --form files=@DIR615C1_FW313NAB09.bin 

This is described here on the forums: https://forum.dd-wrt.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=321237

[edit] Known bugs & issues

It is possible that after DD-WRT firmware is installed on DIR-615 Rev. C1, C2, all wireless functions are disabled.

Status panel will state that "Radio is off", staying like this despite any modifications made on router's parameters.

Not even line terminal commands (such as "~ # wl radio") seems to bring back wireless functions online.

Some users reported enabling "Clone WAN MAC" under setup settings may solve the issue (at least 3 cases confirmed).