D-Link DIR-320 64 Mb RAM Upgrade

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[edit] Be careful you can brick your router

If you make a mistake doing this you brick your router. If you don't have skills on hardware modding and SMD rework I don't recomend to perform it.

[edit] SDRAM chips for the Mod

I use the 512Mbits chip HYB25D512160BE-6 for my mod. The original one was the K4H561638H-UCCC

[edit] For removing and replacing the chips (U14)

To do this you need skills to solder and rework SMD componets and the correct equipment.

For the beginners on the SMD arena I recommend ChipQuick and 30W iron with ceramic tip.



I have to work on this pictures.-

[edit] Updating the SDRAM_INIT parameter

To use the 64MB of RAM you need the V24 PreSP2 SVN12874 or higher from here and have to update the SDRAM_INIT NVRAM parameter. I you don't perform this step the BCM5354 only recognize 32MB. The factory value of this is 0x000b that means DDR SDRAM, 16 bits interface, 9 bits CAS (according to this page) and we have to change it to 0x0013 (DDR SDRAM, 16 bits interface, 10 bits CAS). Executing the following lines on the console you activate the 64MB.

  nvram set sdram_init=0x0013
  nvram commit

If you erase the NVRAM you need to execute the previous commands again.