Como configurar windows para conectarse por VPN a un LINKSYS con DD-WRT

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HOW TO configure a WINDOWS BOX to make a VPN Connection to linksys ?

This document is intended for who has configured PPTP server on LINKSYS and wants to connect her/his home computer to LINKSYS PPTP SERVER I'm using Windows XP service Pack 2 and WRT54GS version 4 with DD-WRT V2.3 VOIP

Step 1: You have to go to the "Network Connections" in you windows and do click over "make new connection" as you see on the image below , and click on "NEXT"


Step 2: Now you have to select "make a connection to my office/workplace" it is the 2nd option.


Step 3: Now you have to select VPN Connection


Step 4: Give the Connection a NAME , this name is just for "Name the connection" it has nothing related to VPN connection.


Step 5: If you have to connect to the internet with a Dialup Connection before try to connect to the VPN , here is the place where you do that.


Step 6: here is the most important step, make sure that you write correctly the WAN ip address of your LINKSYS , because otherway you can not connect to it.


Step 7: Here we can see a summary of our new network connection.


Step 8: Now you have to enter the username and password configured on PPTP server in the linksys , so you can validate the connection, make this as you can see in the screenshoot below.


NOW make click on connect and if you have the correct settings you will connect over VPN to the linksys.

Happy VPN !!!!

If you have any questions do not hesitate in contact me

Important Advice: I have NOT any relation with DD-WRT, I like their work, but in this moment i'm an user, just like you...