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Thanks to Eko

As there were always the same questions, I decided to start a page which tells in general how you can get your Broadcom-based device running DD-WRT.

[edit] About this guide

This guide is for Broadcom devices BUT "How to start" & "Compatibility" work for every device/hardware, except the cfe and nvram grabbing stuff. This is the updated instruction

[edit] Compatibility

There are a few things to be figured out before we start. We/you need to know if its possible to run DD-WRT on it!

Please do the following check list and if one point fails your device will be not able to run DD-WRT!

  • check the Known incompatible devices page and read it carefully. if your device is listed or fits into the incompatibility're out of here
  • open the device and check if it's Broadcom based (cpu) or is there the FCC-ID printed on a label? check on with the FCC-ID if your device is Broadcom based (internal pics)
  • open the device find the flash chip. check out the chip @ Datasheet Catalog and if it's <2MB, you're out.

[edit] How to start?

Now that we know that the device is able to run DD-WRT you should do this:

check with a forum search if the device isnt already requested!

if not, start a new topic @ the forum with the subject: "your device with revision" give us all info we need for starting

  • FCC-ID
  • internal high res pics of CPU, RAM, FLASH, PCB
  • maybe RAM/FLASH size and type and CPU type if already known

and if possible

[edit] 3rd party firmware already installed

if you have already running a 3rd party firmware (dd-wrt, svesoft, openwrt,...) you can try this to get the cfe: CFE backup by telnet/SSH
only if you are instructed to flash a special dd-wrt version for initial flash and it will not brick your router please give us cfe which is quite easy as you see here: CFE backup
In both cases from above you can get a copy of the nvram if you do a "save settings" and name it nvram.bin
Also don't forget to get a nvrambak.bin for us.

[edit] We finally installed DD-WRT but no button/led working

This page describes how to detect the correct GPIO's for LED and reset button when you have a device which is WIP for running DD-WRT.

[edit] Detecting Reset/WPS/AOSS/etc Button

1. telnet in and then...

try to find gpio for the reset button.

gpio poll number from 0 to 8. e.g. Code:

 gpio poll 4

Then press the reset button in and out and look for changing numbers and report us like this.

 gpio 4:
 pressed = 00
 unpressed = 01

Plz only report the gpio that changes. :-)

[edit] Detecting LED´s (and their colors)

1. telnet in and then...

try to find for the LED's

gpio enable number , gpio disable number

e.g. Code:

 gpio enable 1



 gpio disable 1

go from 0 to 8

If the router stops responding, just power cycle it.

List your findings at the post/to the person who asked for it!