Belkin Share Max N300 F7D7301 F7D3301

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[edit] Introduction

CPU Broadcom BCM4718A1
CPU instruction set MIPS 74K V4.0
Flash ROM 8 MB
Eon EN29LV640B
Radios 2.4 GHz
WLAN Support a/b/g/n
WLAN Max Speed 300mbps (2.4 GHz)
Antenna Location Internal (x2)
MIMO Config 2x2:2
Radio wl0 Broadcom 4718 (SoC)
Switch 4x GigE + 1 WAN
Broadcom 53115
IEEE 802.3/3u/3ab
USB 2x USB 2.0

[edit] Installation

Initial flash and CFE recovery how to

Note: This router has gigabit switch;

So if you do the initial flash using F7D7301-mini build or F7D3301-mini build, after flashing you want have wired network to the router, you only have wireless access to the router. You won't have ip assigned from the router if connected wired. You can't ping the router even you assign a static IP address for the wired connection. At this point, upgrade the mini build to some larger build like VPN or Mega build, then the wired switch will work as should. Make sure the build is less than 8 000 000 bytes or you will brick the router. See Where do I download firmware? for links.