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In this guide i show u how to adjust p2p or p2mp antenna systems with atheros based systems. There are many ways to check your connection. Some work out of the box. Others not ;-)

[edit] Site_survey

In the DD-WRT u can see the surrounding AP's with the site survey.This also works on the cli


Note that surveys and Access Point mode are incompatible. The commands below disable AP mode for the survey and return it to what it was before

q=$(wl ap); wl ap 0; site_survey; wl ap $q

[edit] WiViz

This tool shows u all surrounding clients and ap's

[edit] athstats

athstats -h

shows u the traffic stats of all local interfaces

[edit] Antenna adjusting

if u want to adjust antenns which are far away or have small beams u need a tool which shows u the current level and snr every sec while u are adjusting the antenna.

while sleep 1; do wlanconfig athX list | grep "mac address of the other station" ; done