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  • The Allnet ALL0277 (not DSL !!!) is essentially a relabeled Linksys WRT54G v1.0. It was even reported in the forum, that you can install the Linksys firmware on these devices.
  • With some minor exceptions, the procedure to install DD-WRT the first time is pretty much the same as for other WRT54G devices.
  • For flashing this device the first time you need to change the first 4 bytes of the mini_wrt54g image to read W54A (usually this is W54G). You can use a hex editor like XVI32.
  • After the patch, you can upload using the new firmware using the standard ALLNET web interface.
  • If the ethernet interface does not work (it did not for me on v23SP2), try the wireless LAN interface to check whether the upgrade did succeed.
  • After the hard reset of the router, you should be able to proceed.